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Battle plan Burkina Faso: government, farmers and industry fight aflatoxin in food

ReCMA–BF is out to beat aflatoxin: the sum is greater than its parts as Burkina Faso rallies to fight aflatoxin contamination in joint action. The country has enlisted Aflasafe BF01 as a co-combatant, as it continues to raise awareness of the toxic enemy at the gate. With momentum growing in this unified national campaign against …

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Food safety pact for transparent trade and aflatoxin-safe food in Ghana

What if commercial buyers could always be sure of what they are buying – including the invisible aflatoxin content of the produce they are paying for? And what if farmers could be sure of a fair price – reflecting the quality of their goods, and giving them an incentive to keep aflatoxin out? That’s the …

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Aflasafe the food-safety hero, as business meets research for aflatoxin-safe food in Africa

First ever Aflasafe for Africa Conference held; private sector leading Aflasafe dissemination, supported by government Food safety is a huge global concern that we should all worry about wherever we are, because we all eat food. And in our increasingly interconnected world, food travels across national, regional and continental boundaries, so it is a matter …

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A second first for Senegal – firsthand! The big difference a little dry inoculum makes to Aflasafe production, to better fight aflatoxin

At our recent Aflasafe for Africa Conference, fighting aflatoxin in food, we sat down with Mr Goulé Guéyé, Managing Director at BAMTAARE, our trailblazing manufacturing and distribution partner for Senegal and The Gambia. BAMTAARE brings us yet another first, following their construction of Africa’s, and the world’s, first-ever fully operational private-sector Aflasafe factory. BAMTAARE are …

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Win-win ‘just add water’ wonder! Lowering Aflasafe production costs, while assuring quality

“It’s like instant coffee. For a quick cup of coffee, you just mix it with water, and there you have it – you don’t need a plantation to grow the coffee beans yourself.” — Dr Alejandro Ortega-Beltrán, Aflasafe R&D Aflasafe manufacturers anywhere in Africa can now receive enough concentrated aflatoxin-busting active ingredients to protect an …

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Evidence for Aflasafe’s impact on food safety keeps on growing: first trials in Mali and Rwanda, and new R&D publications

Aflasafe works to beat aflatoxin in food – but don’t just take our word for it! In fact, we can’t expect anyone to take our word from it, from farmers, to national regulatory authorities, to the pioneering companies commercialising Aflasafe as a product. That’s why a big part of our research and development (R&D) activities …

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A vision drawing on a virtuous circle – How A to Z will tackle aflatoxin in Tanzania’s food, centred on Aflasafe TZ01

“We’re very keen to hear how Aflasafe is being marketed in other countries, and therefore warmly welcome the upcoming conference … We hope to learn from their experience in taking this novel product to market, in our bid to assure safer food for Tanzanians.” Arusha will soon be abuzz with Aflasafe activity in the form …

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A to Z takes the director’s chair on Aflasafe TZ01 as a new act begins in Tanzania’s food-safety sprint for aflatoxin-safe groundnuts and maize

“We took an interest in Aflasafe because we realised that the challenges we face as a country and as a region are not only about food security but also food safety – in the sense that you can have food to eat but if that food is not safe it can be even more dangerous …

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Africa’s first private-sector Aflasafe factory now in production for The Gambia and Senegal

It’s a first for Africa, and standing on Senegalese soil! Scroll down for a photographic tour, or read all about it first… We’re thrilled to report that Africa’s first ever Aflasafe factory fully built, owned and operated by the private sector is now up and running. Located in Kaolack, Senegal, and owned by BAMTAARE, the IITA-licensed …

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Food safety milestone for Tanzania: A to Z to manufacture and distribute Aflasafe TZ01 to fight aflatoxin

The journey to safer food in Tanzania just got a turbo-boost as A to Z takes on local production and distribution of Aflasafe TZ01 A big landmark for Aflasafe TZ01 came in Arusha on 7th May 2019, when an Aflasafe Technology Transfer and Licensing Agreement (TTLA) was signed between A to Z Textile Mills Limited …

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