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Farmer and consumer voices on Aflasafe SN01, beyond beating aflatoxin in food in The Gambia

Sneak peek into astounding observations reported by farmers, some of whose causes science is yet to unravel In October 2018 we travelled from our Aflasafe labs and experimental fields, and from business-development dialogues and fora, into the reality on the ground, as our product truly leaves IITA for its new owners – Aflasafe-using farmers, and the …

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Paving the path to commercialisation: Aflasafe TZ01 registered to fight aflatoxin in Tanzania

We’re delighted to announce that, in another leap towards commercial availability, the registration of Aflasafe TZ01 with the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute in Tanzania was completed in October 2018. This opens the way for it to be manufactured and distributed locally, and used by maize and groundnut farmers to slash the amount of dangerous aflatoxin …

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Business unusual in Senegal with aflatoxin-beating Aflasafe SN01: health trumps profit

En français “It’s first and foremost about my own health and that of my family. You have to heal yourself before you begin to heal others” —Mr Habib Thiam, agribusiness entrepreneur, exporter and President of Le Collectif des producteurs et exportateurs de graines d’arachide (COPEGA – Consortium of groundnut producers and exporters) in Senegal October …

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Dramatic demonstrations: aflatoxin testing and shared knowledge foster Aflasafe GH02 champions in Ghana

In the fight against aflatoxin, knowledge is our greatest power. Farmers, and all those who help them to supply Ghana’s food, need to know about the threat of contamination and how to beat it with Aflasafe. Expanding partnerships with development organisations, as well as agribusinesses and farmer groups, are helping us to reach more stakeholders …

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Fighting aflatoxin with top-level leadership: new national steering committee for Ghana

There is an aflatoxin-control revolution going on in Ghana, with talented fighters wielding Aflasafe GH02 on the front line alongside other solutions. Read on to discover how the government is providing top-class leadership with direction and coordination at national level, or follow the links at the end of the story to find out how we …

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Aflatoxin awareness and forming Aflasafe leaders: ‘royal’ approval from market queens in Ghana

For Aflasafe GH02 to have sustainable demand and support into the future, we need to create awareness of aflatoxin and Aflasafe in all sectors of society, and for key movers and shakers to take that knowledge and become champions of Aflasafe. Read on to discover how we’re using events to get the message out to …

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Royal ambassadors for Aflasafe BF01: Kings join the fight against aflatoxin in Burkina Faso

Aflatoxin is a slow and hidden killer, so to stop it in its tracks we need more than just a top-notch product. Aflasafe BF01 is a leader in its field – but it needs leaders in the field to become its champions. We have been supporting ongoing demonstrations and training days in farmers’ fields, with …

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Breaking ground on the silver screen with Aflasafe communications

We continue to explore fresh territories and new ways of getting our message across with all the visual impact of video. The final quarter of 2018 has seen us broach a new video series, a new language and a new food as our movie collection blossoms. Joining our how-to series are Ghana and Burkina Faso, …

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ATTC at 3rd Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa platform meeting (PACA PPM)

We at IITA’s Aflasafe Technology Transfer and Commercialisation initiative (ATTC) continue our steadfast commitment to food safety in Africa, in deeds and dialogues, and in concert with the African Union’s Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA). Following a jointly hosted successful food-safety side event in September last year at the African Green Revolution Forum …

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Aflasafe safari out of Africa: Panoramas from Pakistan on fighting aflatoxin in food

While Aflasafe is a product exclusively for and of Africa, our team’s expertise and achievements are spilling beyond Africa’s shores, receiving recognition across the world. In October 2018 our very own Alejandro Ortega-Beltran took the first step in a brand-new relationship, travelling all the way to Islamabad, Pakistan to attend the launch of AflaPak, a …

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