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Private sector powering an Aflasafe™ revolution in Nigeria to fight aflatoxin in food

Harvestfield Industries joins hands with R&D partners and government to make aflatoxin history in Nigeria’s food and food products – smallholder farmers hold the key Nigeria is very special for Aflasafe, as the country of its birth. And when it comes to commercialising Aflasafe, Africa’s most populous nation can simply not be ignored. With a …

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The Gambia guns for Aflasafe-enabled aflatoxin-safe food

Behind this unassuming façade below that houses The Gambia’s National Food Security, Processing and Marketing Corporation (NFSPMC), a quiet revolution is slowly but steadily gaining ground… The Gambia continues to make great strides towards aflatoxin safety in groundnuts, mostly thanks to the National Food Security, Processing and Marketing Corporation (NFSPMC), that considers food safety as …

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Pointers from Pakau Njogu on Aflasafe SN01, and on fighting aflatoxin in food

Our continuing series of conversations with the ultimate Aflasafe users – smallholder farmers – took us to Pakau Njogu, in The Gambia’s Northern Region. Again, following on from M’bollet Ba, we learnt yet more new things about our product as farmers continue to teach us. Here is what they said, in their own authentic words. …

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Senegal’s farmers take charge in fighting aflatoxin in food using Aflasafe SN01

As we continue our journey from the labs, factories and deal rooms where aflatoxin testing is done, Aflasafe manufactured and business deals made, just like farmers do, we crisscrossed between Senegal and The Gambia in search of what the ultimate users of Aflasafe have to say – the farmers. Having spoken to farmers in M’bollet …

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Pre-commercialisation partnerships and training in Tanzania to get Aflasafe TZ01 to thousands of farmers

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” says the proverbial wisdom – but by joining hands with our partners in Tanzania, we’re going both further and faster – together. The good news on Aflasafe as a way to fight aflatoxin continues to spread in leaps and …

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From zero to hero: building a national partnership for aflatoxin awareness across Ghana

In Ghana, as across the world, few people know about aflatoxin, though dangerous contamination is widespread in the country. Greater public awareness is essential if we are to successfully tackle the problem and create a sustainable future for solutions like Aflasafe. By working in partnership, we reach more people more effectively, and we give Ghanaians …

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A scientifically sound star steps out: From field to lab, farmers and businesses now witness Aflasafe BF01’s power to fight aflatoxin in Burkina Faso’s food

And our partners are on the stage too, more than just members of the audience, fully participating in this stardom-through-testing. We bring you yet another exciting instalment from our fascinating show-and-tell real-world Aflasafe demonstrations with farmers in Burkina Faso. This time, the thrilla in Burkina is a trip from the field and back to the …

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The food-safety revolution is being televised – and it’s a revolution of many voices

Aflatoxin is increasingly breaking into mainstream agendas, and that means joining the conversation in all the arenas where it matters most, like health and economics. We’re continuing to converse in a rainbow array of tongues too: we’re collating and expanding our French content; we have a fresh how-to in Kiswahili for Kenya; and we’re delighted …

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Farmer and consumer voices on Aflasafe SN01, beyond beating aflatoxin in food in The Gambia

Sneak peek into astounding observations reported by farmers, some of whose causes science is yet to unravel In October 2018 we travelled from our Aflasafe labs and experimental fields, and from business-development dialogues and fora, into the reality on the ground, as our product truly leaves IITA for its new owners – Aflasafe-using farmers, and the …

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Paving the path to commercialisation: Aflasafe TZ01 registered to fight aflatoxin in Tanzania

We’re delighted to announce that, in another leap towards commercial availability, the registration of Aflasafe TZ01 with the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute in Tanzania was completed in October 2018. This opens the way for it to be manufactured and distributed locally, and used by maize and groundnut farmers to slash the amount of dangerous aflatoxin …

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