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Africa’s first private-sector Aflasafe factory now in production for The Gambia and Senegal

It’s a first for Africa, and standing on Senegalese soil! Scroll down for a photographic tour, or read all about it first… We’re thrilled to report that Africa’s first ever Aflasafe factory fully built, owned and operated by the private sector is now up and running. Located in Kaolack, Senegal, and owned by BAMTAARE, the IITA-licensed …

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Food safety milestone for Tanzania: A to Z to manufacture and distribute Aflasafe TZ01 to fight aflatoxin

The journey to safer food in Tanzania just got a turbo-boost as A to Z takes on local production and distribution of Aflasafe TZ01 A big landmark for Aflasafe TZ01 came in Arusha on 7th May 2019, when an Aflasafe Technology Transfer and Licensing Agreement (TTLA) was signed between A to Z Textile Mills Limited …

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Coming together and laying the foundations for long-term sustainable Aflasafe GH02 commercialisation through strategic partnerships for aflatoxin awareness in Ghana

With a lot of help from our friends in Ghana, we’re not just getting by but finding somebody to love, making a host of yet more new and influential friends and swelling the ranks in Ghana’s fight against aflatoxin in food. The beginnings of an ocean of aflatoxin knowledge are slowly but steadily spreading across …

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Food safety buzz is loud and clear as aflatoxin hits the headlines worldwide

As the food-safety dialogue continues to gain ground globally as everyone’s business, our steadfast message then as now is that aflatoxin control is indeed a matter for everyone In all parts of the planet, food safety and aflatoxin control continue to hit the headlines, breaking out of the agriculture and science niche to splash across …

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Aflasafe™ march fighting aflatoxin in Nigeria’s food goes from strength to strength

It’s a Yes! to Aflasafe from significant movers and shakers in high places The Government of Nigeria will continue its Aflasafe™ programme which the federal government has been implementing since late 2017. This continuation was re-affirmed by the Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh, at a May press briefing following the …

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Malawi: Aflasafe launch alongside handover of aflatoxin testing laboratory, commercialisation next

Aflasafe MWMZ01 and Aflasafe MW02 have been launched in Malawi and are off to a flying start, with powerful supporters, eager partners and improved infrastructure beside them in the fight against aflatoxin. The launch, on 10th April 2019 in Lilongwe, was part of a joyful celebration of the first fruits of a major collaboration for …

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Private sector powering an Aflasafe™ revolution in Nigeria to fight aflatoxin in food

Harvestfield Industries joins hands with R&D partners and government to make aflatoxin history in Nigeria’s food and food products – smallholder farmers hold the key Nigeria is very special for Aflasafe, as the country of its birth. And when it comes to commercialising Aflasafe, Africa’s most populous nation can simply not be ignored. With a …

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The Gambia guns for Aflasafe-enabled aflatoxin-safe food

Behind this unassuming façade below that houses The Gambia’s National Food Security, Processing and Marketing Corporation (NFSPMC), a quiet revolution is slowly but steadily gaining ground… The Gambia continues to make great strides towards aflatoxin safety in groundnuts, mostly thanks to the National Food Security, Processing and Marketing Corporation (NFSPMC), that considers food safety as …

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Pointers from Pakau Njogu, Gambia on Aflasafe SN01, and on fighting aflatoxin in food

Our continuing series of conversations with the ultimate Aflasafe users – smallholder farmers – took us to Pakau Njogu, in The Gambia’s Northern Region. Again, following on from M’bollet Ba, we learnt yet more new things about our product as farmers continue to teach us. Here is what they said, in their own authentic words. …

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Senegal’s farmers take charge in fighting aflatoxin in food using Aflasafe SN01

As we continue our journey from the labs, factories and deal rooms where aflatoxin testing is done, Aflasafe manufactured and business deals made, just like farmers do, we crisscrossed between Senegal and The Gambia in search of what the ultimate users of Aflasafe have to say – the farmers. Having spoken to farmers in M’bollet …

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