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Overviews and introductions Policy For farmers Research publications

Here you will find a range of resources on Aflasafe and aflatoxin to read and download – our collection is always growing so do keep checking back, or let us know what you are looking for! Or for all-singing, all-dancing content such as videos, audio and photos try our Multimedia page.

Overviews and introductions


These introductory Q&As, currently available in English and French, answer simple questions about aflatoxin and Aflasafe and give an overview of the key things to know.

ATTC brochures

Download our brochure, available in English and French, for an overview of the Aflasafe Technology Transfer and Commercialisation initiative (ATTC), and how we’re working to make Aflasafe available in countries across Africa.

Aflasafe commercialisation brief

Our November 2019 brief, Our journey from incubation to market: Status of Aflasafe commercialisation in Africa, gives an overview of Aflasafe commercialisation so far, including approach, status, challenges, lessons learnt and recommendations for the future.


Here you’ll find our collection of infographics, for a bold and bright look at key topics at a glance.


Catch up on Aflasafe and aflatoxin-related presentations over at our SlideShare account.


Policy Briefs for East Africa

This series of policy briefs, prepared in 2017, examines the evidence on a range of topics relating to the harmful effects of aflatoxin, and provides policy options to address these within the East African Community.

Technical Policy Papers for East Africa

This series of technical policy papers from 2015 provides detailed analyses on themes relating to Building an Aflatoxin Safe East African Community, offering numerous policy recommendations.

AgResults Policy brief for Nigeria

This concise policy brief from the AgResults Aflasafe Incentivization in Nigeria project offers information on aflatoxin and Aflasafe, particularly in the Nigerian context, as well as policy recommendations and future plans.

For farmers

Farmer how-tos

These straightforward, country-specific instruction leaflets for farmers explain how to use Aflasafe safely and effectively in local languages spoken where Aflasafe is sold.

Training manuals

Complementing our how-to guides, these are more detailed, in-depth training manuals on using Aflasafe and protecting crops from aflatoxin.

Research publications

A selection of scientific publications to turn you into an Aflasafe and aflatoxin expert, from both our team and the wider research community.