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Wadau wakutana kujadili jinsi ya kuanza uzalishaji mkubwa wa teknolojia ya kupambana na sumukuvu, Aflasafe TZ, nchini Tanzania

News item in English DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA, Septemba 3, 2018 – Tanzania inajiunga na mataifa mengine barani Afrika katika kukabiliana na sumukuvu kwa kuingiza teknolojia ya kukabiliana na tatizo hilo kwenye chakula cha binadamu na mifugo. Sumukuvu ni chanzo kikubwa cha  magonjwa ya kansa. Kwa kutumia teknolojia hiyo inayotambuliwa kama Aflasafe TZ, Tanzania itajihakikishia …

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Tanzania makes headway in battle against cancer-causing aflatoxins

Taarifa ya Kiswahili kwa vyombo vya habari Dar es Salaam 03 September 2018  – Tanzania will soon join other countries in Africa in rolling out its country-specific, safe, and effective technology for reducing contamination of food and feed by the cancer-causing, poisonous aflatoxins making them safe for human and livestock consumption and to meet standards …

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Ghana guns for gold in food-safety goal, using Aflasafe GH02 to fight aflatoxin in food

Aflatoxin in food is a 44-year-old problem in Ghana. Aflatoxin is furtive – a hidden and silent killer. Aflasafe GH02 reduces aflatoxin by up to 100%. ACCRA, GHANA, 29TH JUNE 2018 – With the official launch of Aflasafe GH02 in Accra today, Ghana joins the growing list of countries in Africa actively combating aflatoxin in …

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Kicking aflatoxin out of Burkina Faso’s food with Aflasafe BF01

En français Tests across Africa reveal Aflasafe reduces aflatoxin by between 80 and 100%. Aflasafe  is now available in Burkina Faso. OUAGADOUGOU, BURKINA FASO, 26th June 2018 – Today, Aflasafe BF01 was officially launched in Burkina Faso to fight aflatoxin in the country’s food. Aflatoxin is a real and present danger – but tests have …

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Exclure l’aflatoxine de la nourriture du Burkina Faso avec Aflasafe BF01

In English Des tests menés à travers l’Afrique révèlent que Aflasafe réduit l’aflatoxine de 80 à 100%. Aflasafe est maintenant disponible au Burkina Faso. OUAGADOUGOU, BURKINA FASO, 26 juin 2018 – Aujourd’hui, Aflasafe BF01 a été officiellement lancé au Burkina Faso pour lutter contre l’aflatoxine dans les aliments du pays. L’aflatoxine est un danger réel …

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Harvest time Nigeria! Aflasafe moves from research to nationwide commercialisation to protect food from deadly aflatoxin

Harvestfield Industries Ltd to exclusively manufacture and distribute Aflasafe™ in Nigeria Ibadan, Nigeria, 12th March 2018 – Today, Africa’s most populous nation – Nigeria – takes a giant stride forward in the fight against aflatoxin in food. A formal Technology Transfer and Licensing Agreement (TTLA) will be signed between the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture …

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Commercialisation catwalk: market-ready Aflasafe® hits ‘The Road out of Poverty’ on the world stage

DES MOINES, IOWA, USA, 19th October 2017 – If we have a powerful and effective research-proven solution to a chronic global problem, potentially affecting us all through the food we eat, how do we best ensure that solution reaches those that most need it in the real world? We answer that question, as Aflasafe steps …

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Technology leap for Senegal and The Gambia to combat aflatoxin in food

En français Aflasafe is an all-natural product for Africa that fights aflatoxin in food: customised for each country or region, Aflasafe reduces aflatoxin by up to 99%. In Senegal, local Aflasafe production commences mid-2018, with today’s signing ceremony paving the way… DAKAR, SENEGAL, 21st September 2017 – Today in Dakar, both Senegal and The Gambia …

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Une avancée technologique considérable pour le Sénégal et la Gambie dans la lutte contre les aflatoxines dans les aliments

In English Aflasafe est un produit entièrement naturel pour l’Afrique destiné à la lutte contre les aflatoxines dans les aliments: adapté pour chaque pays ou région, Aflasafe réduit les aflatoxines jusqu’à 99%. Au Sénégal, la production locale d’Aflasafe commencera en mi-2018, avec la cérémonie de signature d’aujourd’hui qui ouvre la voie … DAKAR, SENEGAL, 21 …

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Tackling aflatoxin, the killer poison in Africa’s food

NAIROBI, KENYA, 12th April 2017 – Aflatoxin in food was among the prominent issues discussed at the recent First All-Africa Postharvest Congress and Exhibition held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 28th to 31st March 2017. The Congress attracted about 600 participants from 22 countries including outside Africa. Its theme was Reducing food waste and losses: sustainable solutions for …

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