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Economic benefits

Aflasafe is highly cost-effective, reaping rich rewards for farmers and the food industry, and opening up new opportunities for individual businesses and national economies alike.

  • Aflasafe is cheap to apply, costing only around USD 12–20 per hectare and fetching a premium on growing markets. Early studies show an excellent return on investment for farmers and other agricultural businesses.
  • Aflasafe offers more trade opportunities, opening up export markets with stringent aflatoxin controls, such as the European Union. It is estimated that reducing aflatoxin contamination would add USD 281 million each year to groundnut exports in Senegal alone.
  • The rapidly-expanding poultry and livestock industries are keen to get their hands on aflatoxin-safe maize. Used in feed, it boosts productivity and reduces mortality in chickens by 40%.
  • By reducing sickness, disability and early death due to conditions like liver cancer, immune system suppression and stunting, Aflasafe can help to reduce not only individual suffering but also the burden of healthcare costs and lost working income for families and nations.

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