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Aflasafe is effective

Aflasafe cuts aflatoxin in maize and groundnut by 80% to 100%, down to levels that are safe to eat.

Sometimes, Aflasafe is so effective that no aflatoxin can be detected at all. In Ghana, we tested Aflasafe on both maize and groundnuts in hundreds of fields in several different regions in 2015 and 2016. Harvests from fields treated with Aflasafe had 96-100% less toxin than from untreated fields, and in more than half the tests the toxin level was cut right down to zero. The highest level of aflatoxin in any of the treated grain was just 15 parts per billion (ppb), whereas the highest level in the untreated samples was a frightening 939 ppb. (Permitted safe limits for aflatoxin vary between different countries, foods and uses, but tend to be around 4–20 ppb.)

These dramatic toxin reductions apply from the moment food is harvested all the way until it is eaten. This is because the friendly Aflasafe fungi stay within the food and continue to protect it, even for example if it stored somewhere warm and humid that would usually give bad-guy fungi all the encouragement they need to make plenty of aflatoxin.

Aflasafe works consistently well under all kinds of different conditions and in different African countries (each has its own Aflasafe blend of naturally-occurring local heroes). Farmers just need to apply it once while their plants are young to protect the harvest from plot to plate, and the good guys even hang around in the soil, helping protect neighbouring fields and the next year’s harvest too (though Aflasafe should be used each cropping season for full effectiveness).

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