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Aflasafe KE01 factory in production, orders steadily streaming in

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Aflasafe KE01 factory in production, orders steadily streaming in

April 10, 2018
Forging ahead with Aflasafe KE01 production at the Katumani factory.

The Aflasafe KE01 factory at Katumani, Eastern Kenya, is nearly complete. Facilities for grain intake, cleaning and storage are still pending. Nonetheless, makeshift arrangements have been made and the factory has so far produced 20 metric tonnes (MT) of Aflasafe during December 2017. Its total lifetime output stands at 22 MT, of which 2 MT were produced in mid-2017 during the factory’s test run. A further 350 MT are projected for the rest of this year. The plant is currently run jointly by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) and IITA for producing Aflasafe KE01 in Kenya – a country that greatly needs effective aflatoxin mitigation measures in Africa due to frequent outbreaks.

Mountains of packs of Aflasafe KE01, ready for distribution.

Both private- and public-sector buyers are interested in procuring Aflasafe for the upcoming planting season. Prospective clients include large- and small-scale farmers, County governments, National Irrigation Board (a committed Aflasafe customer) and East African Breweries Ltd.

Additionally, various agro-input stockists and distributors are expressing interest in including Aflasafe in their business lines. The Aflasafe Technology Transfer and Commercialisation initiative (ATTC) is working together with KALRO in designing and implementing distribution and marketing systems.

Packing Aflasafe KE01 at the end of the production process at Kenya’s new Katumani factory.



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