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All systems go for Aflasafe TZ in Tanzania to protect groundnuts and maize from deadly aflatoxin

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All systems go for Aflasafe TZ in Tanzania to protect groundnuts and maize from deadly aflatoxin

July 25, 2018

Aflasafe TZ01 and Aflasafe TZ02 soon to be registered, commercialisation strategy underway

Ms Beatrice Pallangyo (standing), Plant Health Department, Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Tanzania. She gave the opening remarks at the aflatoxin and Aflasafe Stakeholders Awareness Workshop jointly convened by IITA and the Government of Tanzania through the MoA in Kilosa, Tanzania, 14th to 15th May 2018. It brought together stakeholders in Agricultural Extension Services to educate them on impact of aflatoxin and how to minimise aflatoxin contamination using Aflasafe TZ – a natural and effective biological control product developed for and in Tanzania. Participants would thereafter disseminate this knowledge to farmers and other stakeholders in their respective districts to reduce aflatoxin contamination along the maize and groundnut value chains. Photo: IITA/A Mauro

Good news! Tanzania is all set to join the half-dozen countries in Africa firmly on the road to full-scale Aflasafe commercialisation, thanks to the now fully developed Aflasafe TZ. The term ‘Aflasafe TZ’ is a convenient catch-all as a joint moniker for Aflasafe TZ01 and Aflasafe TZ02, the two products specially formulated for Tanzania.

In this latest country, the Aflasafe Technology Transfer and Commercialisation initiative (ATTC) has now knuckled down on the design of the Aflasafe commercialisation strategy for Tanzania. This is being done consultatively: a roundtable of IITA’s strategic partners in Tanzania was convened in late June in Dar es Salaam, at which the ATTC initiative and its plans for designing the commercialisation strategy were both presented and discussed.

The seventh country in our staggered approach to commercialisation, Tanzania will benefit from the experience and lessons learnt in commercialising Aflasafe in other countries.

As the five-year ATTC initiative is now past its mid-point, we trust that the road to commercialisation in Tanzania will be much shorter. Besides the lessons above, aflatoxin is not news in Tanzania, as evidenced by this headline in a national newspaper, and neither is Aflasafe a complete unknown. Secondly, Aflasafe TZ enjoys the support of the government of Tanzania and its related relevant agencies.

Still, we’re not resting on our laurels. In addition to the rigorous performance trials to demonstrate Aflasafe’s efficiency in keeping with the protocols required by the regulatory authorities, IITA has been preparing the ground for commercialisation through advance training and early dialogue with stakeholders.

We will bring you more news as developments unfold. Watch this space! But remember you can also catch the news on the go as it happens by clicking on Tanzania at Aflasafe where I am.

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