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Ghana’s growing and glowing gallery of collaborators to combat aflatoxin in food with Aflasafe GH02

Ghana’s growing and glowing gallery of collaborators to combat aflatoxin in food with Aflasafe GH02

July 21, 2018
Director of Operations at Masara N’Arziki, Peter Te Kulve (standing), addressing trainees at Tumu. Masara N’Arziki (meaning ‘Maize for Prosperity’) extends input credit to smallholder and medium-scale farmers to adopt good agricultural practices, in pursuit of socioeconomic progress. Masara N’Arziki spans all of northern Ghana (ie, Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions).

As the newly appointed distributor of Aflasafe GH02 in Ghana, Macrofertil Ghana Ltd, will join – and benefit from – the nascent vibrant community evolving around Aflasafe in Ghana. This growing community is a diverse and rich array, organically brought together by a common purpose, and therefore freely sharing in the costs and benefits of spreading the word on Aflasafe in Ghana as part of the solution to overcoming aflatoxin in food through good agricultural practices.

The partners ATTC is working with are spread across the country and wide-ranging in their agribusiness focus spanning agro-inputs, farmer credit lines; irrigation and water-use efficiency; new technologies and knowledge transfer; crop value chain promotion to enhance value and returns to farmers; and building farmer capacity and linking them to markets.

On matters Aflasafe, for the current cropping season, Macrofertil will supply the product to the three northern regions. Formerly Louis Dreyfus Company, Macrofertil is a leading merchant, processor and distributor of agricultural goods, tapping into its global reach and extensive asset network to deliver for its customers around the world safely, responsibly and reliably.

Cross-section of trainees from GTZ’s Market-Oriented Agricultural Programme.

Thus far, ATTC and Macrofertil have trained more than 100 staffers of Aflasafe clients including cooperatives, agro-dealers and NGO extension officers on aflatoxin management using Aflasafe. As a result, ATTC is now collaborating with the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Programme (AFAP). AFAP adds value to agricultural inputs and agribusinesses value chain by building their capacity and linking African Hub Agrodealers and smallholder farmers to global inputs and output market companies. AFAP is interested in incorporating Aflasafe into its Good Agricultural Practices training for input dealers. AFAP will conduct step-down training on aflatoxin management and how to use Aflasafe for its 200-plus agro-input dealers in northern Ghana, starting from Quarter 3. In addition, AFAP will partner with ATTC for practical posters to guide farmers on correct use of inputs, including Aflasafe.

ATTC is also in advanced discussions with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) for a joint approach on creating awareness creation on the perils of aflatoxin in food, projected to start in Quarter 3.


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